Visit Your Local Bookstores! – Drafting Vlog EP 03

Sometimes it takes perseverance to get things done. Whether that’s buckling down with a daily word count goal in order to get a book written, or figuring out what “Summer Hours” mean for local businesses.

It’s always good to support local businesses. I live in a relatively small/rural town that has a private university nearby. During the summers, a lot of the local businesses restrict their hours, because most of their business comes from the student population.

So, because I’m now a cantankerous old person who quite like it when there aren’t a thousand-some students swarming the streets during the day, I’m trying to make a point of finding and visiting the local businesses that I enjoy! Show your local businesses some local love!


3 Weird Methods for Outlining Your Book

If you’re trying to plan a book, you might have made an outline. I know I have! Here are 3 random, weird, and different methods of outlining that I made up and that worked for me. Try some out and see what works for you!

Bonus Blog Content:

Bonus content here for the blog! Below are some EXTRA TIPS for which outline method to use when.

Tabular Method (24-Chapter Breakout)

The 24-Chapter Breakout (Tabular Outline) is good if you like to move things around. You can do this in a table or with notecards or on a whiteboard! This method is really useful for early-stage outlining, such as when you know the BIG pieces, but you’re not sure how to connect them.

When I did this method for my Book 2, I started in excel but politely transferred it into Word before sending it to my freelance editor. She appreciated it! Then we graduated to the paragraph-level outline, which ended up being about a half page for each chapter. Sooo… if you feel like a 24-page document is your kind of outline, there’s even more riches to be won with this method!

Verbal Method (The Out-Loud Outline)

The Verbal “Out-Loud” Outline is good if you’re having trouble getting a hold of the interesting points of your story. This method will have you talking through the problems and essentially working on a high level pitch! Communication is key! It can be scary, of course, to share your ideas with another person. But I promise it is SUCH a good way to start pulling the story out of your brain and putting it in the real world.

And you can always record yourself instead of talking to another person, if that suits you better. Me, I like talking to myself. I really do. Dictating has been a wonderful addition to my busy schedule. You know how some people listen to audiobooks and podcasts so they can make their commute more enjoyable and/or productive? That’s when I dictate! Sometimes I do it for drafting and other times I do it for brainstorming.

Emoji Method (Symbolic Outline)

The Emoji Method (Symbolic Outline) is great when you have all the pieces (your characters, your places, any important objects), and you want to create an at-a-glance visual method for what happens in your book. For me, this was really really useful during revisions. I already had a good sense of my cast of characters, I already knew the major places and points.

Creating a symbol for each of them was a HIGHLY visual way of understanding who was involved and when. It forces you to think very linearly and very pragmatically. You only have so much room on the page, so many symbols, and so many ways for showing what is happening. ((When I was re-outlining Nameless Queen with emojis, that’s when I realized I had 1 too many characters being towed around and not doing much… so I cut the character!))


Thanks for reading and/or watching! I hope these strange and whacky methods that I came up with help you with your book! Keep writing!

NAMELESS QUEEN Cover Reveal & Publish Date Announcement!

COVER REVEAL VIDEO: in which I absolutely screech and gush about the cover for my book! Check it out!

Great news! The NAMELESS QUEEN cover is live, and it is as gorgeous as it is real. And come on, guys, it’s real! It’s finally real!

NAMELESS QUEEN tells the story of Coin, a thief who suddenly inherits the throne of her city when the king dies and speaks her name.

Everyone expected King Fallow to name his daughter the next queen of Seriden. No one expected Coin, a Nameless street thief, to have the magical crown tattoo emblazoned on her arm.

Coin is a sassy, bold heroine who is torn between her life on the streets where people like her have been going missing for months, and is pushed into the world of the royals of the palace, which is somehow even more dangerous.

If she wants to keep the throne, she’ll have to fight for it. But in a city where everything is stacked against her—including her own magic—will she survive long enough to make a name for herself?


And even better news: the pre-order is live! You can pre-order it right now! Here is a super convenient hub of all of the Pre-Order Links so you can find your favorite retailer!

And, as always, you can add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

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