6 Tips – How to Be Creative and Productive During the Apocalypse of COVID-19

Times are wild and getting wilder, but a lot of us are still on deadline and have to create, produce, and imagine for a living. Here are some tips about how to do those things. These tips apply to working remotely as well as specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many of us are being encouraged or required to work remotely.

Deadlines & Time Management – Author Q&A

Being an author or writer means committing yourself to deadlines, time management, and a life of stress… or does it? Here are some Questions and Answers all about time management and deadlines!

I Should Be Writing… but instead…

When I get feedback, my gut reaction is to read it and then promptly run away. (I also read my edit letters in reverse order, which is a totally strange quirk that I’ll talk about another day.) I need time to process the feedback and absorb it before I decide how to tackle it. And sometimes… I run toward another form of artistic expression other than writing! Here’s a time lapse of the hour after I received my most recent short edit letter!

Publish Day! for NAMELESS QUEEN

Here’s all my clips from Instagram on the day my first book, NAMELESS QUEEN, was published! It was a true, true honor to be able to debut in such great company, with all of the other spectacular authors debuting and with the support of so many people. Rewatching this video makes me smile and laugh and cry a little, and I’m so happy I get to keep these memories. I’m sure they’ll come in handy when I need a balm against the ego-burning madness of revisions as I continue to work on my second book!